Custom Services

“DNA Travel Technologies” provides fully customizable and flexible technological solutions.

Since significant portion of our products is pre-developed, integration process can take only few weeks, instead of long lasting and expensive process when addressing outsourcing programming company.

To extend further our services portfolio, our company can provide you more than just booking engine solutions, but produce you complete web site and design development. We’re not limiting you to using only our graphic interfaces (GUI) – if you’re able to provide us with such, we’ll gladly integrate the latest.

Though we hold extensive portfolio of XML and webservices API products, we also can provide you with custom development of CMS, Back Office, Payment solutions and other services, specially developed to meet your needs and requirements.

All in all, we can provide following additional solutions:

• Aplication hosting services
• SEO – Search engine optimization
• CRS integration
• GDS application add-ons (application integration with Vista, MySabre)
• Fare management and mark up control
• Online support systems
• Enhancement of existing solutions
• CMS – content management solution
• B2B network development
• Embedded solutions
• I-frame solutions for affiliate sites/agencies

Please feel free to contact our team with your requests. Our professional sales manager will contact you shortly with more information regarding your inquiry. Please visit Carsolize custom development services for additional info.